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Precision Data Connectors Enhance Real-time Industrial Data Processing



Reliability and innovation are paramount in the industrial sector. With the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial equipment and systems have an ever-increasing demand for data transmission and storage. Traditional data management solutions fall short of meeting the requirements of industrial applications for high capacity, high speed, and reliability.

ATTEND has been dedicated to providing high-quality, highly reliable connector solutions for industrial applications. Its product line encompasses a range of precision connectors, including CFast sockets, CFexpress sockets, SD card sockets, and Micro SD card sockets, meticulously designed to ensure stable connections in harsh environments.

Embedded Memory Card

Embedded Memory Card

ATTEND's Precision Data Connector Range:

120 Series CFast Sockets:

120 Series CFast Sockets

  • Support SATA 3.0, enabling data transfer speeds up to 600 MB/s.Compatible with CFast 1.0/1.1 and CFast 2.0 standards.
  • Utilized in industrial equipment, in-vehicle computers, digital cinema cameras, high-end DSLRs, and recorders.
  • Variants include push-pull, slim, and vertical types; Offer 7 signal pins and 17 power/control pins.
  • Products: 120 series with various heights and locking mechanisms.

101M Series CFexpress Sockets:

101M Series CFexpress Sockets

  • B-type host socket compatible with PCIe Gen3 x2, supporting data transfer speeds up to 2,000 MB/s.
  • Leverages NVMe protocol for high-performance storage.
  • Suitable for industrial equipment, in-vehicle computers, digital cinema cameras, high-end DSLRs, and recorders. Variants include push-push and push-pull options, available with or without a lock.

104 Series SD Card Sockets:

104 Series SD Card Sockets

  • Support up to 104 MByte/s data transfer speeds. Compatible with a wide range of SD card types, including SD, SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC.
  • Widely used in embedded systems, machine vision systems, IIoT devices, infotainment systems, and action cameras. Variants include push-push, push-pull, reverse, and hinge types.

112 Series Micro SD Card Sockets:

112 Series Micro SD Card Sockets

  • Support default speed, high-speed, and UHS-I bus interface modes with data transfer speeds up to 104 MByte/s.
  • Ideal for industrial cameras, embedded systems, IoT devices, and other compact electronics requiring high-performance storage in a small form factor. Variants include push-push, push-pull, reverse, and hinge types.

Integration Advantages:

Recently, ATTEND announced the seamless compatibility of its precision connectors with cutting-edge storage solutions. This powerful synergy brings forth significant advantages for industrial data management:

  • Accelerated Data Transmission Speeds: ATTEND's connectors, such as the CFexpress type B socket, facilitate speeds up to 2 GB/s, enabling faster data processing and real-time decision-making in industrial applications.
  • Expanded Storage Capacity: Modern storage solutions compatible with ATTEND connectors offer capacities of up to 2 TB, empowering industrial systems to handle complex data sets and high-resolution video recording.
  • Enhanced Reliability: ATTEND's connectors are engineered with robust materials to withstand harsh environments, while compatible storage solutions undergo rigorous testing for long-term stability. This combined reliability ensures data integrity and minimizes downtime.

The Future of Industrial Data Management:

The marriage of ATTEND's precision connectors and cutting-edge storage solutions ushers in a robust ecosystem for secure and uninterrupted data flow in critical industrial applications.

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