• Connector Solution 216A-XXFF1
  • Connector Solution 216A-XXFF1
M12 A-Code, Female For Field Installable, Plastic
M12 A-Code Plug for Cable, Female For Field Installable, Plastic, G/F

ATTEND’s M-series Field-Installable Plastic Circular Connector is a solder-type connector. It boasts a patented design featuring a removable insert/shell, which simplifies field rework.

This connector has been extensively used in various fields over the years, including industrial automation, Ethernet systems, intelligent transportation systems, traffic safety systems, and outdoor equipment. It provides high power and high frequency support, making it a preferred choice for power supply solutions that require high-speed signal transmission in harsh environments, as well as for industrial and rugged applications. Furthermore, its robust construction and IP67 rating ensure durability and resistance to dust and water. Its standard coding system aids in preventing incorrect pairing, making it an optimal solution for outdoor applications.
Cable Assembly Ordering Instructions
Underwater Unmanned Vehicle
The most type of all series, it offers support for high power and high frequency. It is considered the best option for high speed signal transmission and power feeding solution for industrial and rugged applications under more demanding environments thanks to its IP67 rating and robustness. In addition, its coding defined under the standards coding helps preventing incorrect mating connection.
Product Specification Comparison Table
Part NumberPin AssignmentPin Count
216A-04FF1Pin Assignment4Pin
216A-05FF1Pin Assignment5Pin
Product Specification Comparison Table
Part NumberPin AssignmentPin Count
216A-08FF1Pin Assignment8Pin
216A-12FF1Pin Assignment12Pin
4 Pin Current Rating4A
4 Pin Voltage Rating250V
5 Pin Current Rating4A
5 Pin Voltage Rating60V
8 Pin Current Rating2A
8 Pin Voltage Rating30V
12 Pin Current Rating1.5A
12 Pin Voltage Rating30V
Operating temperature range-40°C~+85°C
Waterproof LevelIP67
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