• Connector Solution 213B-14CAA
  • Connector Solution 213B-14CAA
RJ45 1X4 R/A, Bottom Latch, DIP, w/EMI / LED
1X4, Right Angle, Bottom Latch, DIP, w/EMI / LED, 5u"

RJ45 is well known as the 8 positions 8 contacts (8P8C) connector. It’s a modular connector used to terminate twisted pair and multi-conductor flat cable commonly. It's a well-known connector for linking the device with the internet, ATTEND offers an extensive connectivity portfolio which supports your need in different specifications, materials, ports, and functions.
Electrical Specifications
Inductance at 100KHz, 100mV 8mADC Bias350uH Min.
Leakage Inductance0.4uH Max. at 100KHz 100mV
Insertion Loss1.1dB Max. at 1 to 100MHz
Return Loss18dB Min. at 1 to 30MHz
Return Loss16dB Min. at 30 to 60MHz
Return Loss12dB Min. at 60 to 80MHz
Cross Talk1 to 100MHz 30dB Min.
Common Mode Rejection30dB Min. at 1 to 100MHz
Isolation Voltage at 60Hz1500Vrms (Input to Output) 60 Seconds
Operating Life750 Cycles Min.
Storage-40°C to +85°C.
Operation-40°C to +85°C.
Soldering Temperature260±5°C, 10 Seconds
Soldering TemperatureMates With Modular Plug Conforming To TIA-1096-A
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