Spring Loaded Pogo Pins & Connectors


What are Pogo Pins?

Pogo pins, contact pins, or spring-loaded connectors, are key for creating temporary yet reliable electrical connections in various electronic devices. What sets them apart from other common PCB connectors is their spring mechanism, which ensures consistent contact by applying a constant force. The spring design also allows them to flex and maintain a stable connection, even if there are slight misalignments during assembly. Furthermore, pogo pins often require less board space compared to bulkier connectors,  simplifying PCB layout while potentially reducing overall device size. This makes them indispensable in applications like charging ports, data transfer interfaces, and testing environments.

The widespread adoption of pogo pins began in the mid-20th century, alongside the miniaturization of electronic components, as their design proved perfect for ensuring reliable connections in increasingly compact devices, replacing the older low-current pin models that were unstable and extremely sensitive to vibration. 

At ATTEND, we offer a comprehensive range of pogo pin types to satisfy your specific needs, from standard and magnetic options for robust applications, to waterproof variants for demanding environments. We also specialize in multi-pin connectors that efficiently handle complex circuitry, and single pin designs that provide focused connectivity for specialized tasks. 

Pogo Pin Components

A pogo pin usually consists of 3 to 4 components, including the barrel, the spring, the pin and the optional housing, which all work in perfect sync to help provide connectivity.
  • Barrel

The barrel acts as a sturdy outer casing which provides structural support and protects the delicate internal components from external impact. It also guides the movement of the pin, by keeping it centered and preventing excessive lateral movement.

  • Spring:

The spring is the heart of the pogo pin's functionality, it is typically a coiled conductive metal structure that will create a constant pressure, to ensure that the pin maintains a firm connection with the mating surface, even with slight variations in alignment. The spring can also be compressed and extended, which allows the pogo pin to absorb some shock or vibration, thus preventing accidental disconnections.

  • Pin (Plunger) 

The Pin or plunger is the conductive tip of the pogo pin that is lodged directly above the spring coil, allowing it to retract and touch the barrel when external force is applied. When the plunger comes into contact with an electric current, it will transmit the current to the other end, to facilitate the electrical flow within the pogo pin. The size of the contact area formed when the plunger touches another conductor also plays a crucial role. The larger this contact area, the lower the resistance to electrical current flow.

  • Housing 

Additionally, a housing component can be used to neatly encase and organize multiple pogo pins, to create a multi-pin connector. It ensures proper spacing between individual pins and provides a secure, unified structure for connecting to the PCB or mating surface, which is necessary to accommodate multiple connections simultaneously in complex circuitry.Pogo Pin Components

Quality Material

Excellent Mechanical Features

The 303C-C4115-30-04 (Pogo Machine Pin, Magnet, 4P H=4.15mm, Pitch 3.0)

Magnetic Pogo Pin Connectors

Attend's magnetic pogo pins offer excellent connection stability and ease of alignment, ensuring a secure, self-aligning electrical contact that's particularly beneficial in environments where mechanical vibration or misalignment might be a concern.
The 303C-541219-25-05 Pogo Pin Water proof Type, 5Pin Pitch 2.5mm

Waterproof Pogo Pin Connectors

Our waterproof pogo pins are IP67-rated with specialized seals that prevent liquid ingress. They are ideal for outdoor, marine, or medical devices.

Mounting Types of Pogo Pin

Pogo pins come in various mounting configurations to suit different assembly needs, common mounting types include: SMT/SMD, Through Hole, Double-Ended, High Current, Right Angle, Bending Type, Solder Cup, Thread Screw, DIP Mounting. ATTEND currently offers SMT pogo pins, through-hole mounting pogo pins and DIP pogo pins, catering to multiple applications.
  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology): These pogo pins are soldered directly onto the PCB surface, and offer a compact, space-saving design, which is suited for modern, miniaturized electronics. Plus, SMT facilitates faster and more automated assembly processes, leading to quicker production times.

  • Through-Hole Mounting: Through-hole pogo pins have leads that pass through holes in the PCB and are soldered on the other side. This method provides a robust mechanical connection, ideal for applications requiring high durability and resistance to shock or vibration.

  • DIP (Dual In-Line Package): DIP pogo pins have plug-in mechanisms, allowing them to be easily placed onto the PCB by hand before being soldered in place. It's also easier to inspect and rework compared to through-hole mounting, making it suitable for on-site maintenance. Though this mounting method is no longer common in modern devices, they are still highly compatible across multiple vendors.

How to Select the Right Pogo Pin Manufacturers

While cost is an important consideration in choosing the right manufacturers, it shouldn't be the sole deciding factor, as pogo pins are critical components and their quality directly impacts your device's functionality and longevity. 
So, be sure to look for a manufacturer that provides competitive pricing, with a proven track record of producing high-quality, durable pogo pins, while also offering a variety of pogo pin options, including different sizes, pin amounts, and spring forces, that cater to your specific needs. 
Moreover, you should ensure the manufacturer has the capacity to meet your production volume requirements and deliver your order on time. On top of that, an experienced manufacturer can provide valuable guidance in selecting the right pogo pin for your application, so be sure to choose a company that has technical support readily available to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Why Choose ATTEND Pogo Pins?

Board-to-Board Connections: Compact, reliable connectors essential for devices with limited space.

Customization: Offers tailored solutions for specific design needs across various sectors.

Customization: Offers tailored solutions for specific design needs across various sectors.

Technical Support: Provides professional insights and recommendations to cater your unique requirements,
while helping to identify any technical issues that could possibly occur during application.

Magnetic Charging and Waterproofing: Enhances usability and durability, ideal for wearable and outdoor devices.

Magnetic Charging and Waterproofing: Enhances usability and durability, ideal for wearable and outdoor devices.
From seamless Board-to-Board connections and customizable designs to innovative magnetic charging and waterproof capabilities, learn how these connectors are transforming modern electronics. Visit this article to explore how they can elevate your next project.

Success Stories

A Greener Meeting Experience Takes Flight with ATTEND's Pogo Pin Solution

A Greener Meeting Experience Takes Flight with ATTEND's Pogo Pin Solution

A leading innovator in e-paper meeting room displays needed a more convenient and reliable charging solution for their growing product line. Traditional plugs were clunky and risked damaging ports, hindering both usability and device lifespan.

ATTEND Pogo Pin Solution revolutionized charging for e-paper meeting room displays. It became user-friendly, efficient, and reliable. This innovative partnership not only streamlined the process but also extended device's lifespan, showcasing the company's commitment to progress.
Pogo Pins: The Tiny Connectors Powering Big Innovation

Pogo Pins: The Tiny Connectors Powering Big Innovation

ATTEND Pogo pin connectors are revolutionizing device connections! Our compact design and reliable connections are ideal for board-to-board applications in sophisticated electronics. Customization options ensure optimal performance across diverse industries, from consumer electronics to medical devices. Innovation in magnetic charging simplifies usage, while advanced waterproofing opens doors for applications in outdoor, fitness, and healthcare sectors.

Scroll Down for the Best Pogo Pin Solutions: 

Our products are engineered for superior performance across various applications, from medical devices to tracking tools. Understanding unique project needs, we also accommodate special orders, offering personalized support and customization options. 

For a tailored solution that enhances your project's success, reach out to us and let's make your vision a reality.


Product Type

Connector Solution 303A-C4418-000 303A-C4418-000

Machine Pin, Single pin, H=4.4mm, 10u''

Connector Solution 303A-753018-000 303A-753018-000

Pogo Pin, Single pin, H=7.50 mm, 10u''

Connector Solution 303A-441615-000 303A-441615-000

Pogo Pin, H6.0 Rectangle Body R/A SMT 5u''

Connector Solution 303A-250918-002 303A-250918-002

Pogo Pin, 1Pin T/L 3.4mm W/H 2.6mm

Connector Solution 303C-281220-40-02 303C-281220-40-02

Pogo Pin Magnet Type, 2Pin H5.3 Pitch 4.0, 10u'', White

Connector Solution 303C-C4315-40-02 303C-C4315-40-02

Pogo Pin Magnet Type, 2P H=4.3mm, Pitch 4.0

Connector Solution 303D-L280M04 303D-L280M04

Pogo Pin Magnet Type, 4P, 28.0x4.8x6h, 500g, 2A, black

Connector Solution 303D-L380F04 303D-L380F04

Pogo Pin Magnet Type, Machine Pin 4P, 38.0x5.3x8.5h

Connector Solution 303D-L255M03 303D-L255M03

Pogo Pin Magnet Type, 3P, 25.5x4.8x6h, 500g, 2A, black

Connector Solution 303D-L355F03 303D-L355F03

Pogo Pin Magnet, Machine Pin 3P, 35.5x5.3x8.5h

Connector Solution 303D-D080M02 303D-D080M02

Pogo Pin Magnet Type, 2P, 8.0D, DIP, 10u'', 200g, 2A, black

Connector Solution 303D-D080F02 303D-D080F02

Pogo Pin Magnet Type, Machine Pin, 2P, 8.0D, 10u'', 200g, 5A

Connector Solution 303D-D100M02 303D-D100M02

Pogo Pin Magnet Type, 2P, 10.0D, DIP, 10u'', 500g, 3A, black

Connector Solution 303D-D100F02 303D-D100F02

Pogo Pin Magnet, Machine Pin 2P, 10.0D, DIP

Connector Solution 303C-C4515-40-02-1 303C-C4515-40-02-1

Pogo Machine Pin ,Waterproof, Magnet, H=4.5mm, Pitch 4.0

Connector Solution 303C-C4515-40-02 303C-C4515-40-02

Pogo Machine Pin, Waterproof, Magnet Type, H=4.5mm, Pitch 4.0

Connector Solution 303C-321018-30-04 303C-321018-30-04

Pogo Pin, Magnet Type, 4Pin H4.6, Pitch 3.0, DIP, 5u'', Black

Connector Solution 303C-C4115-30-04 303C-C4115-30-04

Pogo Machine Pin, Magnet, 4P H=4.15mm, Pitch 3.0

Connector Solution 303B-371318-254-04 303B-371318-254-04

Pogo Pin, 04 Pin, 2.54P, 10u'', 5.0H 1.3 Stroke, SMT

Connector Solution 303B-371318-254-02 303B-371318-254-02

Pogo Pin, 02 Pin, 2.54P, 10u'', 5.0H 1.3 Stroke, SMT

Connector Solution 303B-C4418-254-XX 303B-C4418-254-XX

Machine Pin, XX pin, 2.54P, 10u'', H4.4x1.8dia. , Cap, SMT

Connector Solution 303B-411806-254-XX 303B-411806-254-XX

Pogo Pin, Right Angle, XX Pin, 2.54P, 10u'', 2.5H, Cap, DIP

Connector Solution 303B-443118-254-XX 303B-443118-254-XX

Pogo Pin, XX Pin, 2.54P, 10u'', 7.5H 3.1 Stroke, Cap, SMT

Connector Solution 303B-351819-25-000 303B-351819-25-000

Pogo Pin, R/A, 2P Pitch 2.5mm T/L 5.3mm W/H 3.9mm

Connector Solution 303C-541219-25-05 303C-541219-25-05

Pogo Pin Water proof Type, 5Pin Pitch 2.5mm

Connector Solution 303C-C3018-25-05 303C-C3018-25-05

Pogo Pin Water proof Contact Type, 5Pin Pitch 2.5mm