M.2 (NGFF) Connector


M.2 NGFF Connectors
ATTEND's M.2 next-generation form factor (NGFF) connector is designed for ultra-thin products, offering significant PCB space savings over mini PCIe® connectors. This compact connector enables high-speed data transmission with PCI Express 3.0, SATA 3.0, and USB 3.0 compatibility while meeting PCI-SIG PCIe M.2 specifications. The easy-to-use one-action latch feature minimizes time and cost. The M.2 NGFF series, an evolution from mini and half-mini cards, is optimal for slender platforms, accommodating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, wireless WAN, and SSD devices while boosting PCIe Gen 3, SATA 3, SATA I/O, and USB 3.0 performance.



  • Height range: 2.1 mm to 8.5 mm
  • A, B, E, and M keying options for module cards
  • One-action latch for time and cost savings
  • PCI-SIG PCIe M.2 specification compliant
  • 0.5 mm pitch featuring sixty-seven contact points


  • Data storage
  • Servers
  • Industrial PCs
  • IoT

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