Our cable assembly solutions provides the advantage of customization service and design-in research & development which enables early involvement + higher success rate for your innovative projects. In addition, Attend is also equipped with advanced tooling technology & state of the art manufacturing facilities which enables the realization of innovative products and help our customers gain a competitive edge in the market.   

As many years of experience, we have formulated our independent Design-in Process from Design and Manufacture to the Delivery. And we care every detail in each phase of the process to ensure a best solution for our clients.

First Phase - Design & Development

Before the product design starts, the design concept will be firstly assessed based on feasibility and production risk, then further developed for the best quality measures. And through the product design by both 2D plan and 3D simulation, we are able to show the features and details of the product precisely for our own the product modeling generation. As the prototype is generated, the stability and functionality will be re-assessed and the process will be standardized for further improvement.

Second Phase – Manufacture & Quality

We have precise and excellent processing tools, such as Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing-CAD/CAM system, special machinery equipments, componentsand associated equipments for any required modification and inspection.

Final Phase – Delivery

Logistically, Automatic constant temperature and humidity control warehouse ensures every single product is under a safe and stable environment for the storage. Under our CRM system, we can easily record and manage information of all product orders, including every single shipment notification & tracking that reduces our clients’ time cost and allows us toprovide more efficient services.

In the future, Attend will continue to invest considerable resources in the research of innovation breakthroughs along with the integration of new professional service models for self-improvement, and of course, for your greater success.