Flash memory, for any mobile device, DSC/DVC, Portable audio players, and able to store media and data, has been applied to certain portable electronic products such as Digital still camera, Personal Digital Assistant, MP3 player, and mobile phone in recent years.
In the market of diversified memory card, there are several popular types of memory card as following: Compact Flash Card (CF), Smart Media (SM), Multi Media Card, (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick (MS), and XD Picture Card (XD), etc…

  • SD card series socket
  • Compatible with the most common small flash memory cards
  • Apply for variety memory cards of convenient, portable, and easy to capture special moments
  • Memory card sockets are used in many small portable devices
  • Sockets are used in a variety of formats, capacities and speed
  • With many portable devices growing smaller, thinner and memory demands increasing, there is a need for removable storage devices to be more compact than ever without giving up design space. ATTEND Technology INC has launched variety of sockets for the need of product design.
  • Support Types:
    • Push-Pull type
    • Push-Push type
    • Hinge type
    • MicroSD+SIM card socket type
    • 4-in-1 Multiple card socket type(MMC/SD/XD/MS)