New Distributors and Reps Wanted

With our rapidly expanding business in the world, we are actively inviting qualified distributors and reps to be our partners.
Global Market Expansion Strategy
At present, ATTEND has been setting up the sales channels all over the world to provide professional connectivity solutions and serving our global customers.
Having set up our business objectives and growth strategies, we’re dedicated to:
Being the main connectivity solutions provider in each country
Creating long term partnership value through our services and global network.
Continuously developing our brand and establish it in our key markets.
The strategy has to be realized by the local distributors and reps. We regard them as the extension of ATTEND business forces and part of ATTEND. They will grow together with us.
Who ATTEND are looking for
Meanwhile, we are looking for partners who are
Positive attitude will be the primary consideration.
Well-knowledged about connector or cable product
Must be well-knowledged about connector or cable products.
Close to ATTEND’s market
The company’s products are close to ATTEND’s market plan.
How we promote ATTEND in the market
Global Exhibitions
we attend trade shows such as the embedded world and the electronica in Germany and the ExposeElectronica in Russia to contact potential buyers and raise profile.
Sales leads from ATTEND Website
Our official website also brings significant sales leads which we’ll share them with our distributors and reps.
B2B Online Promotion
We develop internet marketing by building online trading platforms, including professional B2B marketplace– Global Sources and distributor’s online shops, where our products can be easily seen and searched by global buyers.
Local Media Advertisements
We utilize the local advertising to raise our awareness.
How ATTEND protect partners’ project
Some rules have been drawn up to ensure every partner’s interests.
· Non-exclusive Distributor
· No conflict with each other
· Protect the benefits of distributors
Market Segment
· Divided by region
· Divided by application markets
· Project Booking System
Reserved profit for production moved/relocation
Please browse the file below to further understand us:
What we provide to help our partners’ sale
What ATTEND expects from our distributor
What we do to protect our partners’ reputation